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Get in touch with us

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People of kumst
People of kumst

Who you can meet here
Head manager / Consultations / Cooperations

David Severa

I’m a Brno-based designer and patriot and at Kumst I’m in charge of the event program and the creator community. During my studies at the Secondary School of Art and Design in Brno, I established the MNM platform to map and introduce student, alternative, and performative fashion.
Under my Severa Area brand, I’ve been creating micro collections, blurring the borders between fashion and multimedia. I enjoy organizing cultural events in abandoned buildings as well as slow-fashion events and lectures. You may even see me guiding tourists through Brno, as well.
Community manager / Creative vouchers

Barbora Netopilová

I was at the birth of successful local brands in the ZOOT online shop, where I was in charge of production. I deal in business ethics and how it can be applied across various disciplines. At the Ministry of Culture, I worked as a radio and television expert and my task was to push through support for community media.
It was an honour for me to have an opportunity to give lectures of ethics and history at the Czech Technical University in Prague and at Charles University. And it was thanks to my love of literature that I decided to study a PhD program, dealing in the mystics of Dostoyevsky and Nietzsche. For me, KUMST is a place that illustrates how relationships are about creativity. I’m a producer and coordinator at the Creative Vouchers program.
Reception / Rentals / Production of events

Aneta Tkadlecová

I’ve been living in Brno for three years now, and I spend a lot of time in the creative theatre scene. I was an intern at the Brno National Theatre (Národní divadlo Brno) at its drama and ballet ensembles, and I spent some time at the Culture Department at the Brno Municipal Authority, which gave me a chance to look at Brno culture from a different perspective. In 2019, I co-organized Brněnský sedmnáctý, an annual festival organized by the students of Brno universities.
I’m happy to be a part of a creative environment like the one you can feel wherever you go in KUMST. Most often, you can see me at its front-desk where my colleague Bea and I look after our members.
Production of events

Tamara Pavlechová

I’ve been interested in Brno culture since I started my degree in art studies. I initially gained experience mainly through internships at galleries and at the Department of Culture. Later, as a student of culture management, together with a colleague I established the gallery postpost to provide young artists with a space to express themselves without any limitations to artistic form.
In my leisure time, I do (analogue) photography and tattoo art. In KUMST, I’m in charge of the content and production of events and the cultural programme. For me, KUMST is a place to help develop your creativity! And if you ever visit the Art Cinema in Brno, it may be me who’s projecting the films for you.
Administration of creative vouchers

Michaela Ihazová

I love all things creative, so it’s no surprise that my journey has brought me back to JIC, where I started my professional career a decade ago. In these ten years, I’ve gained experience in various jobs which quite naturally led me to this creative hub. Café – Front-desk – Events – Administration – Technology Transfer – Innovation – Research and Development for Innovations – Ideas – Inspiration
I’ve worked at a university, a private company as well as a corporation. I graduated with degrees in cartography and geography from Masaryk University, but I haven’t worked in this industry too much, as I made use of my love for geography and maps when traveling all over the world. Now, I work for KUMST where I help organize its Creative Vouchers program and provide services for the creative minds based here.
Game incubator

Lukáš Veselý

I’ve been interested in videogames and working as a game developer for as long as I remember. I’ve created, played, and organized board, card, social, development, roleplay, and cipher games. As a student of psychology and journalism, I started to design videogames and eventually became a project lead and producer.
Having spent several years on paternity leave, I’m now working for KUMST on the concept and practical launch of a game incubator to support new development studios that are just starting out. Another aim is to help create an entire educational as well as community game dev centre in Brno the way KUMST works for creative branches.
Project development

Zdeňka Hubáček Kujová

I want to help develop Brno as a creative city. You can say that culture is my thing, as I studied Theatre and Cultural Events Management at the Janáček Academy of Arts (JAMU) in Brno and at Fachhochschule in Potsdam, Germany. Together with my partner, I founded GNOMON Production and participated in the establishment of the Brno Film Agency and the JFNF Film Fund.
In the world of theatre, I co-founded Feste Theatre, cooperated with professor Ctibor Turba and with director Dušan D. Pařízek in the Divadlo Komedie theatre. Since my internship at Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, I’ve been focusing mainly on creative industries and their development. With help from my colleagues, I conducted a feasibility study for the Brno Creative Centre, and I assisted at the birth of the UPPER creative incubator in Zlín as well as the Prague Creative Centre. And that’s how it all started.

Blanka Marková

Reception / Rentals of meeting rooms and coworking / Marketing production

Beata Tynklová

Currently on sabbatical leave, back in September. I’m a culture enthusiast who loves Brno. I root for Brno and want it to be varied, pulsating with life, and full of creative people, while remaining authentic and retaining its natural beauty. I’d like to pass this vision on to young generations so they keep positively challenging the city, appreciate it, and take loving care of it.
After studying marketing, economics, and hospitality as well as working for various advertising companies in Brno, I’ve gained a lot of experience. JIC was the first place where I found truly meaningful work, though, as it supports businesses and takes further steps to help develop the South Moravian region, in cooperation with amazing, inventive people. At KUMST, I’m in charge of its front-desk, its rental spaces, marketing production, as well as everyday operation.

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