Create and earn
Create and earn

Looking to start a new business or develop your current one? No matter if you’re involved in architecture, design, fashion, or any other creative activity, we’ll give you advice on how to do it.

Turning creativity into a proper job

Are you a creative freelancer looking for some advice? Want to transform your work into a proper job? Have a finished product or service model and wondering what to do next? Just apply for one-to-one consultations or attend our course for creative freelancers.

Benefits of consultations through KUMST:

  • Up to 18 hours of one-to-one time with an expert
  • 80% of the price is on us – you just pay the other 20%
  • Led by experienced consultants from JIC

When you want to move up

Not exactly new to business, but still dealing with a challenge that took you by surprise? Is your studio running a bit wild and want to get things in order, gain some more knowledge, or expand outside the Czech scene? Come talk to experts who've been through this. 

Benefits of consultations through KUMST:

  • Up to 80 hours of consultations for your project
  • 80% of the price is on us – you just pay the other 20%
  • Over 80 experts from various business disciplines, such as CEOs, creative people as well as experts on finance and marketing

Our creative businessmen

KOGAA: We want to make the right decision about whatever we do

Every building, along with the people who will use it, have a unique soul that can and should be respected. That’s the vision of KOGAA, a young architectural studio aiming to show through their work that good architecture is about much more than just buildings – it’s also about the surrounding area and the people using them. 

Bastl Instruments

“In the beginning, we weren’t a start-up or a company aiming to earn money. Simply put, we were doing things we enjoyed, and as we took on more and more activities, we eventually had to establish a company,” says Ondřej Merta from Bastl Instruments. And that’s how this producer of unique sound boxes has been working ever since. 

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