Dive into your work
Dive into your work

Need a place to work or organize a lecture? Check out our awesome spaces in the very heart of Brno.
200 CZK / Day


Like working in a café, just without the limits.

Just bring your laptop! Tables, chairs, and sockets are already there.
Stable internet connection
Shared printer, kitchen, and a meeting room
Rent space for a day or even an entire year
Chill-out zone in the hub

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Office / Studio

Are you a team in need of more space? Or does your muse appear only when there’s silence and privacy? Choose from any of our rooms, ready for you to make them as comfortable as you wish.

Sizes ranging from 20 to 80 sq. metres
With/without furniture
Stable internet connection
Shared printer, kitchen, and a meeting room
Rent servers administered by JIC IT
Rent for 1 to 3 years
Chill-out zone in the hub

Meeting rooms

Meeting, briefing, brainstorming? All taken care of. Stay here on your own or with up to nine people and let your creativity work its magic.

Sizes ranging from 19 to 23 sq. metres
With/without furniture and projector
10 free hours per month when you rent an office/studio
Stable internet connection
Shared printer and kitchen
Chill-out zone in the hub

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Hall and lobby

Organize lectures, workshops, screenings, and other group events.

Capacity of the hall: up to 120 people
Screening and sound equipment in place
Ideal for lectures and cultural events
Variable space in the heart of Brno
Floor space: over 200 sq. metres
Capacity of the lobby: 30 people

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Outdoor seating for use while working or afterhours to show a film under the starlit sky.

Ideal for informal meetings
Outdoor seating in the middle of the city
Perfect place for a quick stretch during a tough day

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Showroom for your projects; become a part of the exhibition or organize an exhibition that features your work exclusively.

Curator’s choice of local works
Pay only for what you actually sell
Events in the showroom attract people further indoors

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You’ll love it here!

New experience at hand

Inspiration all around! A curated program of lectures, discussions, and workshops right in the building we’ve prepared for you.

Bringing together a community of creative people

People from various creative disciplines under one roof! Consult with them or start new projects together.

Try your idea out

Craft your prototypes of new projects at FabLab at JIC, a digital workshop to which you’ll receive 2 free months of access.


Use our kitchen to warm up your meal or prepare excellent coffee from a local roasting plant. If you’re not crazy about cooking, take your pick from the many restaurants and bistros nearby.

Údolní 19: A bit of history

This functionalist building from 1929 was designed by architect Vinzenz Baier for local German Technical University. Originally a university canteen and administrative building, the Mensa Academica Association soon started to use the main hall as a science cinema as well.

From the 1990s, lectures of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology were held there, and the hall was home to the AULA student gallery. In 2016, the faculty moved out and we agreed with the university to repurpose the building as a creative hub.

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