Exhibition of photographs from the Edition PHOTO, Cyril Zikuška: REFLECTION
Exhibition of photographs from the Edition PHOTO, Cyril Zikuška: REFLECTION

Od Thursday 16. 11. 2023 18:00
Do Friday 22. 12. 2023 16:30
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The exhibition is prepared in cooperation with the revue FOTO and the print studio FOTOGRAFIKS. Curators and editors Viola Hertelová and Tomáš Hliva select from a collection of authors who have appeared on the pages of the magazine over the past five years. They will focus on "young" photography by authors whose works should definitely not escape your attention.

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In a separate unit, curator Tamara Pavlechová will present the work of Cyril Zikuška, a student of the FaVU BUT, who combines the world of photography and painting, discovering different techniques beyond the boundaries of both media.
The exhibition REFLECTION gives space to those traveling through life, mirroring and capturing thoughts, belonging to time and space, and the natural milestone of life - death. On the one hand, large-format photography and on the other hand, the product work of Cyril Zikuska, separates the unreconciled worlds of creation, connected by the idea of opposites, while at the same time building on each other. Dead encased trees, like dead encased people - biomass - monumental mortality. Small, life-capturing, sketchbooks with wrappings of natural fragments for creation, for you - to make ideas live on. The artist reworks his photo sketchbook into a new form of applied design, organically inviting passers-by to create more. REFLECTION is another work of the artist, confirming the perception of the contexts of difficult questions in a subtle visuality, in the play with the technique of capturing and processing existential questions in an intimate imagery.

This event takes place as a side event of the conference Velvet Innovation.

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