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Infame Radio presents its newest venture: a two-day festival, both online & IRL! Happening 1st and 2nd of March 2024.
The festival begins on Friday March 1st at KUMST. The front gallery will be transformed into a cozy performance and streaming space by Infame & Rakosí crews. The evening will see concerts from Prague based Oblaka and Vienna based Brootworth, plus radio recording sessions with Albert Wawracz, Eerie, Servicebot, and gl.meiny.
The second evening takes place at Cejl’s Káznice, with two stages and 8 artists. Featured on stage 1 are Beatrice M. and Rizla Ops for their first time sets in Brno, and philinamaze and Westdale representing the locals. Stage 2 hosts the Brno premiere of Amelie Siba’s newest project GbClifford, as well as the ever charming sonic acrobatics of Joyless Observer, Demonika, and the newest Infame team member adamovia.
Aside from the music programming, there’s a couple of *free for all* activies we would like to involve you in:
- panel discussions on topics such as club design, artist spaces, and how to stay sane as an artist/performer in the current climate
- workshop on sound, perception, and mindfulness
This free programming will take place at Kumst on Saturday morning, continuing into the afternoon.
Tickets are available: 
- in a package deal for both nights
- individually on the door at each event
All proceeds from the festival go towards supporting and funding our new physical studio at Vitamin.
And while this is primarily an invitation to the festival, please note we’ll be holding a residency at KUMST through the whole month of February, with some fairly pleasant evenings planned out:
- February 9 with Rákosí
- February 15 with Radio Punctum
- February 22 with Obscura Radio
So here, there, somewhere else – see you!
Infame Radio Festival is supported by the City of Brno under its Kreativni Brno Dotace program

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