#EBN2023: Find & meet partners
#EBN2023: Find & meet partners

14. 06. 2023
Kulturní a jiné Pro zkušené kreativce a studia

Find & meet partners will take place during the European business network congress on 14.6. in Brno, at KUMST Brno!

 And what does it actually mean? The #EBN network brings together innovation centres from all over Europe and this year, for the first time, their meeting will take place in the Czech Republic. It is thus a unique opportunity to meet inspiring people who breathe for innovation and at the same time see possible connections to the creative industries. In the part of the programme dedicated to supporting CCIs, we invite active players from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to meet people from the EBN network and find potential partners for international collaborations. Representatives from EIT Culture and creativity and Horizon Europe will present in short slots what kind of projects could be involved. There will also be examples from the Czech Republic and Europe to show how systematic support for the creative sector can look like in practice. This will be followed by a tour of KUMST and, above all, a creative networking session, during which there will be plenty of space to get to know individual institutions and potential partners.


When: 14 June at 16:40

Where: KUMST Brno, Údolní 19



 16:40 Presentation of EIT Culture and creativity, Horizon Europe, European examples of CCI support

 17:30 Tour of KUMST (members' studios, exhibitions, FabLab, Game Incubator)

 18:00 Creative networking, refreshments, drinks


To register, please contact Barbora Netopilová at barbora@kumstbrno.cz


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